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DAO is an acronym for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAOs are not organizations with a traditional hierarchy like the traditional corporate structures where authority and empowerment flow downwards from investors/shareholders through a board of directors to management and eventually staff — DAOs typically do not have directors, managers, or employees at all. DAO governance structures are built on software, code and smart contracts that run on public decentralized blockchain platforms.  To learn more about the technical definition construct of DAOs and how other DAOs have structured their governance models refer to Medium

The current testnet platform was built on the Ethereum Aragon platform and it uses the testnet Rinkerby token as the governance token.

Currently the testnet platform is limited to the Ethereum protocol, however we are looking to partner with other protocols interested in building interoperable solutions.

Please contact jorgecortesinc@gmail.com if interested in building a solution.

The mission of the Miami-Dade DAO is to achieve financial inclusion through education, institutional transparency, and decentralized technologies for the residents of Miami-Dade county hence the name.

Funds are obtained through charitable donations. Donations are routed through a non-profit 501(c)3 partner foundation. All donations are subject to a tax exemption.

Yes! Anyone that has an interest in advancing the Miami-Dade DAO’s mission is welcome to participate in the DAO. Refer to the landing page of https://www.miamidao.org for a demo of how to use the platform and we encourage you to join our Telegram channel to participate in DAO discussions: https://t.me/miamidadedao1

If you are hoping to work on a project that has a positive civic impact in the county but you are in need of funds we encourage you to participate. DAO members can make submissions for project proposals that need funding and can also vote on the allocation of DAO funds.

Yes, the source code can be found in our github  https://github.com/UnifyIT/MIA-DAO

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